Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Current Obession

OK so sometimes when I find something I really love I want all of it. I am currently in the process of cleaning out my products (make up, creams, body creams wash etc) to more clean, safe, vegan and organic etc. One blog that I love is ohdeardrea.blogspot.com She is a young mama and vegan cutie. I just learn so much from here and her daughter is about the same age as Emiliano. She recommend some products that I was able to find in my one horse town (not really but for things I need I always have to order out) and love and stumbled on this cream. I love it it is called Skin Trip and it smells like a vacation. I had  my sweet hubby slather it all over me last night and I felt so creamy and relaxed, which is great from my pregnant body.

I have also order a whole bunch of new make up and skin care things as soon as I get them I will do a post so stay tuned.

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