Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From a co-sleeper to a non co-sleeper

Well when I first knew I was going to be a mom I had it mind what kind of mom I would be. I was going to be a co-sleeping mother I work and away from my son from 8-5 and when I really though about it I really only had 5 hours a day max with him. So I always felt sad not sleeping with him. Now that he is 2 and I am pregnant with our 2nd baby I have changed my mind and my way of thinking. When our new baby arrives I WILL NOT be a co-sleeping for many reasons. My son, at 2 still doesn't sleep through the night and last night he was up at 2:45-4ish. Now to keep my sanity I will sleep train my new baby to sleep in their crib. I have armed myself with some new items that I think will help me through this process. First a video monitor I am going to chose from these two 1. Angelcare and 2.Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom   so I don't have to always be walking in to check on the baby. I also got this book and video to help me. It is from Sleep Planet and I have heard and read good reviews and I hope it works for us. I am going to try to get my 2 year old to sleep by himself also. And I no longer think that I am a bad mom for putting my child in their crib. I will actually be a better mama and wife and human being if I got some real sleep. I love my children move than life itself but when I am to tired to function and be that great mama they need I need to make a change. Here is to better nights full of complete sleep.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Morning walks

Here is my sweet boy walking our dog. It just so happens that he is about to poop and Emilinao doesn't care he is going for a walk. I love this picture my sweet boy is growing up and there is nothing I can do but just rejoice in it. When I was pregnant Diego was always there for me. He slept with me, he would get my sympathy pains like my morning sickness, yup Diego would be sick in the mornings and when the baby was born Diego was always so concerned. When the baby would be crying Diego would pace up and down right outside the door until he stop crying. When I would be holding the baby and put him to sleep Diego was at my feet protecting us. Now the Emiliano is 2 and going through his toddler days Diego is always to the rescue to dry up those tears or bring that smile on Emiliano's face. My parents text me throughout the day and send me updates on what these two are getting into and I love it. Seeing them like this brings a smile on my face. I can't wait to pick up my baby after work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Emiliano's Baptism

So we finally baptism our sweet boy and what a great day it was and boy did I learn a lesson. It was early in the morning and I knew Emiliano would be in a good mood and he was. But what I feared was that he wasn't going to sit through the whole mass and sure enough he didn't. He wouldn't let me put on his fancy outfit too so much for picture time. When I was younger I always wondered why didn't my parents have more pictures of us doing things and I think I know why YOUR CHILDREN WILL NOT WANT TO SIT FOR A PHOTO IT DOSENT MATTER IF IT IS A SPECIAL OCCASION. I  know moms who plan their whole extience on taking pictures at times like this but me I just want a couple of pictures and I am happy I will forevery have the memory in my mind and heart and most of all I lived that moment with my son. My parents were there and so was my mother in law, they both saved the day helping keep Emiliano at ease. My dad even got to hold the baby while they poured the holy water and blessed Emiliano and that moment was very special. I can't wait to tell Milo about it when he is older. My dad and him have a very special bond, my dad took care of Milo since he was a infant till this day. Now my mom and dad take care of Milo while we work and it is such a blessing.  Got to love my parents. So one things my hubby and I have learned is that we will baptism the new baby within 5 months of them being born.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Running partner

So in my quest for a better life I started running again but now I have a partner, my sweet boy Emiliano. I used to run and be on a local running team and run races, I ran a half-marathon and lived to tell about it. I LOVE running working on my stride and my breath and being outside and how good my body feels, i love it all. So I joined a local running group and stared up again but now my bear is coming with me. This were the faces he was making while I got us ready. My sweet boy while I was running he was clapping for me now I don't think he knew how much I loved and needed that but I did and while we were out we got to see a great sunset. Life is good with my little man.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's your Name?!@#

I get this all the time "how do you say it" and then i get "oh that is so pretty" so today I decided to google the meaning and this is what I found Adina \a-di-na\ as a girl's name is pronounced AH-dee-nah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Adina is "noble, gentle, delicate". Also possibly "longing".
http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/0/Adina  I have been working on me and I kind of wanted to start with what I meant, and i think it kind of fits. I try to be gentle and delicate when talking to people and I think I am noble, now longing at first I didn't really think it fit but now it has hit me, yes yes yes. I have always seem to be longing for something something wonderful, easier, loving, something to fill me with what I feel is missing but as I have been working on things I realised that the longing I have been looking for is in me. I don't need to buy anything to fill that void I have all the tools I just need to use them so I am on this journey and I kind of like where it is going and hope I follow though ;)

This is what I am dreaming about today, the beach with my son

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well life happens

well I was supposed to be working out this week but i haven't. I have been cleaning my house like I like to. When we moved it I was 8 months pregnant and couldn't do a thing now that it is summer time again I have free time to do the this that I love to do like organizing. Call me crazy but it give me such a good feeling to know that things are where they should be and the thing that I have found out is that I have bought multiple items of the same thing. Note to self STOP SHOPPING...

Tomorrow I am off to get a colonic have lunch with a old friend, visit my niece in the hospital and then look for prospective clients for Stella and Dot. It seems I want to do to much in a short amount of time but here hoping I get it all done and be back to get Emiliano by 4. I got to hustle to make it RIGHT.....

This is what I get to come home to, I am one lucky girl

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Blogger World

Well hello so we meet again and so much has happened. Last time I wrote a blog I was living in New Mexico with my hubby on a Artist in residency program with no off spring but here it is 2012 and we have our wonderful son Emiliano and living back in Texas and both off us working as art teachers. (who knew, well I guess someone knew but I am not telling) I am starting this tonight as a process in my journey maybe to hold me accountable for goals that I have for myself. My first goal is to wake up tomorrow and get my house in order. I am going to workout, it has been since I was living in NM that I have workout so here is hoping...... I will let it been know what my plan is in the coming days but I just wanted to get this started. I am off to bed to read a bit and meditate my self to sleep.......