Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Emiliano's Baptism

So we finally baptism our sweet boy and what a great day it was and boy did I learn a lesson. It was early in the morning and I knew Emiliano would be in a good mood and he was. But what I feared was that he wasn't going to sit through the whole mass and sure enough he didn't. He wouldn't let me put on his fancy outfit too so much for picture time. When I was younger I always wondered why didn't my parents have more pictures of us doing things and I think I know why YOUR CHILDREN WILL NOT WANT TO SIT FOR A PHOTO IT DOSENT MATTER IF IT IS A SPECIAL OCCASION. I  know moms who plan their whole extience on taking pictures at times like this but me I just want a couple of pictures and I am happy I will forevery have the memory in my mind and heart and most of all I lived that moment with my son. My parents were there and so was my mother in law, they both saved the day helping keep Emiliano at ease. My dad even got to hold the baby while they poured the holy water and blessed Emiliano and that moment was very special. I can't wait to tell Milo about it when he is older. My dad and him have a very special bond, my dad took care of Milo since he was a infant till this day. Now my mom and dad take care of Milo while we work and it is such a blessing.  Got to love my parents. So one things my hubby and I have learned is that we will baptism the new baby within 5 months of them being born.

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