Friday, September 7, 2012

Running partner

So in my quest for a better life I started running again but now I have a partner, my sweet boy Emiliano. I used to run and be on a local running team and run races, I ran a half-marathon and lived to tell about it. I LOVE running working on my stride and my breath and being outside and how good my body feels, i love it all. So I joined a local running group and stared up again but now my bear is coming with me. This were the faces he was making while I got us ready. My sweet boy while I was running he was clapping for me now I don't think he knew how much I loved and needed that but I did and while we were out we got to see a great sunset. Life is good with my little man.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's your Name?!@#

I get this all the time "how do you say it" and then i get "oh that is so pretty" so today I decided to google the meaning and this is what I found Adina \a-di-na\ as a girl's name is pronounced AH-dee-nah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Adina is "noble, gentle, delicate". Also possibly "longing".  I have been working on me and I kind of wanted to start with what I meant, and i think it kind of fits. I try to be gentle and delicate when talking to people and I think I am noble, now longing at first I didn't really think it fit but now it has hit me, yes yes yes. I have always seem to be longing for something something wonderful, easier, loving, something to fill me with what I feel is missing but as I have been working on things I realised that the longing I have been looking for is in me. I don't need to buy anything to fill that void I have all the tools I just need to use them so I am on this journey and I kind of like where it is going and hope I follow though ;)

This is what I am dreaming about today, the beach with my son