Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Blogger World

Well hello so we meet again and so much has happened. Last time I wrote a blog I was living in New Mexico with my hubby on a Artist in residency program with no off spring but here it is 2012 and we have our wonderful son Emiliano and living back in Texas and both off us working as art teachers. (who knew, well I guess someone knew but I am not telling) I am starting this tonight as a process in my journey maybe to hold me accountable for goals that I have for myself. My first goal is to wake up tomorrow and get my house in order. I am going to workout, it has been since I was living in NM that I have workout so here is hoping...... I will let it been know what my plan is in the coming days but I just wanted to get this started. I am off to bed to read a bit and meditate my self to sleep.......

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